New Bulk Potato Boxes — the change from bags to bulk

1963-potato-box-with-airplane-tires-300x182I remember coming to Horning’s Mills the first time in 1962 or 1963.  Dad and Oom Harke and I came up here to see Oscar Hill who made equipment.  He was the one who we thought would be the best to make us two bulk potato boxes that would fit on a trailer which was outfitted with airplane tires that we could pull with our 40 horse power tractors.  The two boxes, including the trailers and tires, cost around $ 2000.00.  They would hold about 160 – 165 cwt of potatoes.  It was a big deal because it was when we changed from harvesting into bags and harvesting bulk.

The airplane tires were big — about 6 feet tall and 2/3 feet wide.  We had to put lots of air in those tires.  I recall once or twice at least we had one of those tires blow up and it was like a huge explosion!  Then, of course, we were euchred.  How do you get a spare airplane tire?  So we had to go back up here and fool around…  those airplane tires going flat was quite a story!

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